Discerning Church Learning to discern the movement of God's Spirit


Do you sometimes wonder what God is up to? It is inspiring to look back and see God’s orchestration of events. Hindsight is truly 20/20. However, when we are in the middle of it all, we often forget that God is working, moving, engineering. This past weekend, we returned to Springfield, Illinois to celebrate the 180th Anniversary of our former church. Going back to the place where we lived for nine years produces strange feelings. Memories lurk around every corner. Yet, God’s working is evident as we peer back through time.

I see ways He protected us, utilized us, prepared us. I am thankful for what He was doing then and see how each piece fit together for the furthering of His Kingdom. I know that I am not detailing these events; they are really to many to catalog. What I am saying is that God is always working through the most unlikely events. He is often preparing us now for what He will do later.

In this week’s text, God is laying foundations for future works. The establishment of the church in Antioch and the death of Herod both serve to propel the work of the Kingdom.

God is always at work. His plans and His timing are perfect. May we learn to live into His plans; May we trust His timing.